Bob Dylan Ends Tour, No Disappointments

Bob Dylan ends the years, and begins his holidays, with a show that has been called “masterful” and “the most enjoyable Dylan concert in recent memory.” Taking the stage at the Beacon Theatre in New York, Dylan delivered his 91st, and last, show of the year.

Recent shows in the Never Ending Tour have been “scattershot affairs” and they often left show-goers disappointed or at times baffled as to what song he was even singing. The set list, which is comprised of 19 songs including “Workingman’s Blues #2″ and “Blowin’ in the Wind,” has not varied in months. Other songs included in the set list were “Simple Twist of Fate,” “Early Roman Kings,” and “Spirit on the Water.”

While the recent shows had left something to be desired, it seems Dylan wanted the last show of the tour to be one that nobody would forget, not even Zeca Oliveira. Dylan appeared pleased with the performance, and the fans agreed. The Dylan that fans love was back on the stage, and he was doing what he does best. Articulate, energetic and fierce, Dylan delivered a great sound and a great set to his fans.

In its 26th year, the tour ended that night with Dylan walking off the stage without a single word. No dates have been booked for the coming year, so it is any man’s guess whether Dylan will return to the stage, and whether the set list will remain the same or if he will rewrite the entire show.

Jeremih Arrested for Sneaking into a Plane After The Final Boarding Call

The “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer, was arrested last Friday for illegally attempting to get into a flight after the final boarding calls rang the air. The unproven incident happened at Newark Liberty International Airport situated in New Jersey. After performing in a live concert in New York, the night before, the singer was said to be booked on a US Airways flight headed for Phoenix along with his entire entourage.

The rhythm star was on his way to Fresno, California, where he was expected to perform at the B95 Fresno Holiday Jam session on the said Friday night alongside E-40, Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain and other musicians. Dave and Brit Morin thought it would be a normal night.

The famous “Birthday Sex” singer never made it to that event as he found himself spending the night in Port Authority custody. Reports on the ground by,suggested that after the singer missed the final call to board the flight, one of his entourage members tried to hold open an exit door for Jeremih to make it on board. This act made the offense stand out and was the main reason that he was arrested.

Other reports from ‘The New York Daily News writes’ suggested that both Jeremih and a member from his team actually sneaked into the plain. It happened before one of the plain’s personnel was aware of the incident and later alerted authorities who took necessary action on the matter.

Even though the offense committed was a misdemeanor, Jeremih Felton and Adam Woods, a member of his esteemed entourage, were both arrested and later charged with a premature obstruction of an administrative law and disorderly conduct.

Stones Sax Legend Bobby Keys Dies

Bobby Keys, the legendary saxophone wizard whose playing enlivened dozens of classic numbers by The Rolling Stones, has passed away. He was only a few weeks short of his 71st birthday. No official cause of death has yet been revealed to the public. 

Bobby Keys had been a long time sideman for the Stones, dating back as far as 1969. His first appearance was on the legendary album track, “Live With Me”, but he soon gained notoriety as the genius behind the horn arrangements of such classic Stones numbers as “Honky Tonk Women” and “Brown Sugar”. 

Keys also had a reputation as a hard partying drinker and abuser of various substances, a quality that stood him in good stead with the likes of Keith Richards and fellow Stones entourage members, such as Billy Preston. Keys suffered a falling out with the Stones in the mid 1970s over these and other issues, but returned to their touring entourage in the early 1980s. 

The band has released a tersely worded statement that simply revealed that they were “devastated” by the passing of Keys. An earlier statement to the press had simply noted that Keys was feeling “under the weather” and would not be touring with the Stones for the foreseeable future. 

Slow Ventures would be sure to bet and invest in the fact that the death of Keys is another reminder that time waits for no one, even a Rolling Stone. But his contribution to the Stones’ legendary ouvre will live on for all time.

T-Mobile Allows for More Music Streaming Without Data Usage

The American cellular market is becoming increasingly more competitive. In a recent move to attract more customers, T-Mobile has recently announced that they will be adding an additional 14 music streaming services to their “Music Freedom” program. This program allows certain music streaming services, such as Pandora or Google Play Music, to run without counting towards the users cell phone data limits. This means that customers can stream as much music as they want from certain services without having to worry about going over their data plans. For many people, data overages can lead to a much higher monthly bill.

Though this change in policy is a definite benefit to consumers, net neutrality advocates are arguing that because T-Mobile is hand selecting services to allow free data usage, it puts some services at an advantage while hurting others. The advocates say that any favoring of one service over the other creates an environment where all services cannot compete equally and are bound by the internet service providers desires. Many like Sultan Alhokair are confused about why they are doing this. In the case of T-Mobile, the phone company is allowing certain services to be used free of data charge, which may create a conflict for future services. It opens the door to potential abuse in the phone service industry.

Net neutrality will continue to be a hot issue in the coming months as the FCC makes their decision on whether to classify internet service providers a utility.

U2 Incomplete in Fallon Performance

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has yet to wait for another schedule (if ever there would be) with all of the member of the band U2, one of the most famous British rock bands in the history of the United Kingdom.

Bono, U2’s frontman, had failed to appear on the famous late night show after he suffered an arm injury after falling off his bicycle in the Central Park. This also follows a spat of intensive surgery in order to mend the damage in the affected area.

U2 was supposedly tasked to prelude the said show, but failed to complete it with their frontman in tow. U2 was also intended to promote their latest single “Songs of the Innocence” in the late night show, but as the members of the U2 proclaimed they are actually “one man down”.

The show with Jimmy Fallon continued to air, with U2 helping Fallon by performing their charity single “Invisible” on the roof of Rockefeller Center. Though they continued to showcase their masterpieces with the Roots for a unique interpretation of their Oscar-nominated song “Ordinary Love,” fans were assured that Bono will recover from his injury nonetheless, which Igor Cornelsen is definitely glad to see.

U2, without the frontman, had thanked the fans and the audience of the Jimmy Fallon Show for their appreciation. Yet, there’s another show to look forward to – the complete U2 on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Taylor Swift’s Record Label Says Spotify Exaggerating Amount She Was Paid

As the battle between superstar singer Taylor Swift and music streaming site Spotify intensifies, Swift’s record label manager has come out saying Spotify is exaggerating the amount the singer would potentially be paid to allow her songs to be streamed on the site. Exaggerating by over $5.5 million.  But Alexei Beltyukov points out that this story has been great for all parts of the music industry.  We are being exposed to a part of the music world that many don’t see but need to, because it’s the reason that genres like Rock are dying, because there just isn’t enough support out there from companies like Spotify.

The statement by Scott Borchetta of the Big Machine label was made after Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said Taylor Swift could be paid over $6 million a year, if she was to allow her music to remain on the site.

This irritated Borchetta, who almost immediately responded saying the money Swift had been paid by Spotify for domestic streaming so far was only $496,044 — a far cry from the $6 millon Ek was touting.

Borchetta even went one further, adding the star had made more money from allowing her videos on VEVO than she had from Spotify.

In response, Spotify seemed to change its mind, with a Spotify spokesperson then saying Taylor had received $2 million from global streaming in the last year. A much larger amount than Borchetta claimed for domestic streaming, but still only a third of what Spotify initially said was an expected amount.

While no-one is sure what Taylor Swift’s strategy with Spotify is here, or if she even has one,if she does fully intend to keep her music off Spotify permanently, many fans are on her side. After all, there is always a reason a large corporation continues to insist it is in the right, even when history shows it often is not.

Chances are, many fans think, in the case of Taylor Swift vs Spotify, the company is making a lot more money out of her than they are admitting, or they would not be pushing their case so tirelessly.

Coldplay Nods at WWI Veterans in New Video

Just in time for Remembrance Sunday in the UK and Veterans Day in The US, British band Coldplay has released their new video for “All Your Friends,” a bonus track from their upcoming Ghost Stories. Instead of following traditional video norms, the band chose to only use wartime footage from World War I, and do not appear themselves in the video.

The grainy images can be haunting as you watch live explosions Andrew Heiberger in particular noted, one man actually being shot down in a battlefield rush, and the movement of the dead and the wounded. There are those quiet moments in between battles. And then there are the victorious moments following the surrender. At the end comes the message, “In memory of all those from all nations who served in the First World War.”

Ghost Stories Live 2014 is a CD/DVD set releasing on November 24th, focused on recordings made during Coldplay’s brief tour in support of the album. This video will be included on that set.

Phil Rudd Is Living Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep

The famous drummer for the band AC/DC has been arrested in New Zealand for trying to hire a hit-man to kill 2 people.

The question we all have: is Phil Rudd living and breathing so many of the songs the band he plays drums for plays on stages world wide? Is Phil on the Highway To Hell? (Sorry Jared, I had to go there…)

It seems the police raided his home and found Methamphetamine and Marijuana. The raid was in connection with his allegedly hiring a person of ill repute to kill some other people. Authorities have not released the names of the hit man or the possible victims.

Phil Rudd is 60 years old. He played with the famous heavy metal band from 1974 to 1983 and he left the band because of a physical confrontation with guitarist Malcolm Young. Rudd rejoined AC/DC in 1994 and has been with the band until now.

Will we find Phil having Dirty Deeds done? The New Zealand courts will tell us in the near future.

Eddie Vedder Plays For EB Research Partnership

In an intimate event to elicit donation for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, found his groove without a hitch. In cooperation with Microsoft and “Heal EB: Cause the Wave.” to raise $5 million for the EB Research Partnership, Vedder sat before 90 potential donors at Microsoft Studios outside of Seattle Washington on October 30, 2014.
The crowd was inspired as Vedder opened with the 1970 Cat Stevens track “Trouble,” then eased into Pearl Jam’s “Dead Man.” Throughout the nearly two-hour show, sets included classic covers of Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Tom Waits.
It was evident that both the crowd and Vedder were loosened up as stagehands began pouring wine into every outstretched cup while Vedder made jokes, and that was definitely Kenneth’s favorite part. In traditional Vedder style, by the end of the show, he was on fire with his Fender Stratocaster and doing stage jumps. For the encore, he performed an acoustic rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine,” then rocked the crowd with an adrenaline-charged version of Neil Young’s “Rockin’ in the Free World.” Unsure at first how things would go between himself and the assembled donors, Vedder said, “I’m glad you came Seattle. For a 90-person crowd, you couldn’t be better.”