Thousands Petition To Revoke Iggy Azalea’s Music Award

Iggy Azalea is a fan favorite, but there are a bunch of people petitioning to get her Billboard Music Award revoked. The Billboard music awards were almost two weeks ago, and there were many stars in attendance. Iggy won the music award for the song “Fancy,” which was released in February 2014. Iggy Azalea. The song is deemed to be ineligible for the Billboard Music Award because the nominations are valid from March 2014 to March 2015.

The fact that Iggy was nominated for a song that came out before the Billboard eligibility period means that Billboard has broken their own rules. Many fans of other rap artists such as Nicki Minaj, they’ve petitioned against Iggy Azalea’s win. It’s said that if Iggy hadn’t won for the song Fancy, then Nicki Minaj would’ve won for her song “Anaconda.” Nicki has been extremely hot this past year, but it seems as if her work goes unrewarded according to Beneful.

There have been over 19,000 signatures collected to fight against Iggy’s win, but Billboard members have refused to change their decision. Although Billboard has a certain criteria in order to pick their winners, they’ve decided that it’s when a song is hot that matters, not necessarily if it fits the time frame when it came out. Many have praised Iggy Azalea as the best female rapper out there, completely excluding Nicki Minaj, who came out before her, and she is a better artist and performer than Iggy Azalea.

Rolling Stones Release Alternate Version of Classic Song

Iconic rock band The Rolling Stones have released an alternate version of their 1971 song “Dead Flowers”. They recorded it over 45 years ago. This alternate version is quite a bit different from the original. The original “Dead Flowers” had a country sound to it and was quite slow for a Rolling Stones song. The alternate version is faster and played more in a straight-ahead rock style.

The folks at FreedomPop prefer the alternate version better than the original, although it is less distinct. The original version of “Dead Flowers” always stood out from other Rolling Stones songs since it was so countrified and because Mick Jagger sang with an assumed southern U.S. accent. The alternate version sounds more like the Rolling Stones everyone likes, and the phony accent is gone. Jagger sounds like himself. Also, the morbid and obsessive lyrical content works better in a rock and roll musical context than a country one.

While all musicians are influenced by other musicians, it’s usually best to not try to mimic a sound that isn’t you. The Rolling Stones trying to do a pure country song is a case in point. So, I’m glad that they’ve finally let the world hear this alternate version of “Dead Flowers” even if it is almost 50 years after it was recorded.

Sugar Coated Adam Levine

As Adam Levine has sung “I want that red velvet, I want that sugar sweet” from Maroon 5’s latest hit song “Sugar”, a fan took these lyrics too seriously as he or she threw a Sugar bomb at Adam’s face outside of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Adam was greeting fans while the sugar-throwing attacker decided to add some sugar to the pop star’s life. The person who attacked Adam with sugar still has not been publicly identified, but he or she has been arrested.


Not only has the attacker pulled a prank on Adam Levine, but he or she has also recently attacked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson by throwing a rock at him last week. At Amen Clinics, they think this is pretty rude. This isn’t the first time that Adam has been attacked recently, as Levine was just in the news for having a female fan jump onto the stage and attacked him while performing at one of his concerts. Adam quotes that that experience was, “Super terrifying,” yet is still able to joke and laugh it off. Luckily Adam has a good sense of humor and can shake these strange acts off that were performed by his fans

Fox May Not Pick Up Fourth Season of the Mindy Project

Mindy Kaling does not seem worried. As reports spread that Fox seems unlikely to pick up a fourth season of the “Mindy Project,” the show’s creator and star, Mindy Kaling, sent a post to her more than 4 million Twitter fans with a simple wink and a tease question, asking if everything was ok in LA. Mindy may be alluding to the prospects that her show, which is owned by Universal Studios and not Fox may simply move to another network or a stream service such as Hula Plus which already streams the previous three seasons of the Mindy Project. The Mindy Project has been an acclaimed hit for each of its three years on the air. Mindy Kaling first was introduced to viewers through her production and direction of the NBC show, “Community” and spot appearances on the show “The Office.”


Many find her style of comedy sophisticated simple and witty. She quickly developed a broad viewer base and helped both NBC and Fox with their demographics in previous obscure time slots. Ivan Ong likes her on screen for the most part. An announcement of where the Mindy Project will land will be made soon. many do not expect Mindy to stay inactive for very long and there has been speculation that she is considering a major movie project to expand her horizons. Her agent also has not indicated if Mindy will ever do stand up comedy again during the production of her show of if she has a new show in development. Mindy Kaling May Have New Project


It is difficult for mothers to see their babies before they are born, this is quite different for Tatiana Guerra who was lucky to see her unborn son Murilo.

Tatiana is a mother who lost her sight when she was 17 year old. She thought of meeting her child only when she give birth but this was not the case as she was able to get her sons glimpse through the aid of 3D printing.The short film made by Huggies Brazil was titled “meeting Murilo” The making of short film was an ad campaign part. At 20-week ultrasound exam, she was not aware that she was going to be given a 3D printed image of Murilo her son.

AS Tatiana could not see the ultrasound as other expecting mother could, she rely on doctors verbal description on how baby Murilo will look like.

In the video, her doctor asked “If you could touch him, would that let you know what he’s like?” He presents a 3D model face of her unborn son.

“That’s an image of your son. See if he feels the way you think he does,” she was told by her doctor.

In the video, Tatiana conference that she was indeed very happy to meet Murilo her son before his birth.

The video has in real become more popular as it has been viewed for more than 4 million times. Kevin Seawright has shared it with friends and family.

Keeping The Legend Alive

Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash published a booked called, “House of Cash” in hardcover during the year 2012. The book took John Carter Cash five years to write as it consisted of many personal recipes, quotes and information from Johnny and June Cash. All the information John gathered was found in numerous notebooks left behind in the family vault when his mother and father had passed away.


Each notebook contained Johnny and Junes personal thoughts and all time favorite experiences, helping John write a masterpiece in memory of his beloved parents. In the book John also explains the deep connection he had with his father and how it has affected his life to this day. Dr Jennifer Walden liked reading about it. Now with a son of his own, John tries to teach his son Jack the legacy of his grandfather he has never met. Throughout the memoir for John’s father you are able to fall in love all over again with the famous country singer, Johnny Cash and his beautiful wife, June Carter Cash.

Nothing Stays The Same

Hard times have hit One Direction fans with the absence of Zayn Malik in their favorite band. They have all expressed their disappointment over him deciding to quit on social media but now it is time for them to focus on something else.

It has been five years already since Harry Styles auditioned on X Factor. One Direction fans have been posting on social media about the special day when the young man was first discovered, and it has been a welcome change from their disappointment over Zayn Malik’s leaving.

With every group there will be changes made and One Direction fans such as Crystal Hunt just need to see this and be okay with there being one less member in the band. Harry Styles started off on X Factor as a young, sixteen year old boy and now he’s twenty one years old. Of course the lives of all of these young men have changed drastically since then and it is only natural that one member of their group has chosen to leave.

As hard as it is for the fans they just need to look back at Harry’s audition and realize that these men have grown up. Nothing stays the same forever, not even your favorite group.

Carly Rae Jepsen Gets Emotional

Carly Rae Jepsen is a bubbly area. She has this pop appeal that is very affectionate. What has changed this time, however, is that she is emotional this time around. She isn’t about the pop teenager sound anymore.

There are some emotional songs that have inspired the likes of Prince on this album. It has this type of feel that is a much more mature sound. She really has grown in the last year, and people will see this. There will not be comparisons to Lorde or Taylor Swift. Instead, people like Sergio Cortes will talk about what is going on what the new Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carly Rae has become one of the most popular pop singers in the pop genre because she had a smash single. Now she is going something that is more mature, and this a quite a risk. Everyone may not like it, but this is what they have to deal with. She is actually much older than she looks. It is about time that she steps up to something new and innovative.

People are talking about the new sound that she has. It certainly is fresh and unlike the last album. The last one had this old school sound. This is where Taylor Swift is now. Jepsen could not come back with more of the same since Swift is doing this already. She had to reinvent herself with a mature sound.

Selena Hologram Planned

The family of deceased pop star Selena is planning to work with developers to create a performing hologram of her. There is nothing new about holograms of deceased superstars. In fact, a hologram of Michael Jackson has already performed in front of audiences and been received very well. There are also holograms of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley active and able to earn money through performances for the family estates.

What’s different about the planned Selena hologram is that Boraie Development said the family wants it to release new music and videos. So, instead of an imitation, the Selena hologram would attempt to continue Selena’s career. Such a hologram would cost around half a million dollars – the family is planning to crowd fund to help cover costs – and would be done by around 2018.

I think this is going to far. It’s fine to have a hologram performing the old work of its likeness. Seeing a virtual Elvis isn’t much different than seeing an Elvis impersonator. However, a hologram performing new material is essentially an attempt to extend the life of the performer. That’s just weird. It’s a shame that Selena died at the young age of 23, but unfortunately a virtual Selena can’t continue her work where she left off. Personally, I think that Selena’s family is getting a bit greedy here.

Lamar Drops King Kunta Video

What Kendrick has done is create a buzz about himself that everyone seems to love. Critics and fans cannot get enough of him. He know how to keep that buzz going. His most recent work shines a spotlight on the new King Kunta video.

The fans have been waiting for this. King Kunta was already being played before the album was released. This made the buzz grow about this song. Christian Broda says that now people have the chance to see more of the vision that is behind this song. It will certainly grab the attention of a lot of people. Taylor Swift tweeted about the album when it was secretly dropped a week before the scheduled release.

He didn’t need Swift to promote the video though. Lamar did a decent job with this himself. The video premiered in Times Square. That is a big accomplishment for a west coast rapper. There were years of beef between the east and west coast in the rap game. Now things have transitioned to a brotherhood in rap. There are still some big egos, but most of the emcees in the rap game have a good relationship. This is why Lamar was able to bring this video into the New York area without an incident.

King Kunta didn’t get a ton of radio play because it wasn’t an official single. All of that is going to change with the video release.