Nothing Stays The Same

Hard times have hit One Direction fans with the absence of Zayn Malik in their favorite band. They have all expressed their disappointment over him deciding to quit on social media but now it is time for them to focus on something else.

It has been five years already since Harry Styles auditioned on X Factor. One Direction fans have been posting on social media about the special day when the young man was first discovered, and it has been a welcome change from their disappointment over Zayn Malik’s leaving.

With every group there will be changes made and One Direction fans such as Crystal Hunt just need to see this and be okay with there being one less member in the band. Harry Styles started off on X Factor as a young, sixteen year old boy and now he’s twenty one years old. Of course the lives of all of these young men have changed drastically since then and it is only natural that one member of their group has chosen to leave.

As hard as it is for the fans they just need to look back at Harry’s audition and realize that these men have grown up. Nothing stays the same forever, not even your favorite group.

Carly Rae Jepsen Gets Emotional

Carly Rae Jepsen is a bubbly area. She has this pop appeal that is very affectionate. What has changed this time, however, is that she is emotional this time around. She isn’t about the pop teenager sound anymore.

There are some emotional songs that have inspired the likes of Prince on this album. It has this type of feel that is a much more mature sound. She really has grown in the last year, and people will see this. There will not be comparisons to Lorde or Taylor Swift. Instead, people like Sergio Cortes will talk about what is going on what the new Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carly Rae has become one of the most popular pop singers in the pop genre because she had a smash single. Now she is going something that is more mature, and this a quite a risk. Everyone may not like it, but this is what they have to deal with. She is actually much older than she looks. It is about time that she steps up to something new and innovative.

People are talking about the new sound that she has. It certainly is fresh and unlike the last album. The last one had this old school sound. This is where Taylor Swift is now. Jepsen could not come back with more of the same since Swift is doing this already. She had to reinvent herself with a mature sound.

Selena Hologram Planned

The family of deceased pop star Selena is planning to work with developers to create a performing hologram of her. There is nothing new about holograms of deceased superstars. In fact, a hologram of Michael Jackson has already performed in front of audiences and been received very well. There are also holograms of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley active and able to earn money through performances for the family estates.

What’s different about the planned Selena hologram is that Boraie Development said the family wants it to release new music and videos. So, instead of an imitation, the Selena hologram would attempt to continue Selena’s career. Such a hologram would cost around half a million dollars – the family is planning to crowd fund to help cover costs – and would be done by around 2018.

I think this is going to far. It’s fine to have a hologram performing the old work of its likeness. Seeing a virtual Elvis isn’t much different than seeing an Elvis impersonator. However, a hologram performing new material is essentially an attempt to extend the life of the performer. That’s just weird. It’s a shame that Selena died at the young age of 23, but unfortunately a virtual Selena can’t continue her work where she left off. Personally, I think that Selena’s family is getting a bit greedy here.

Lamar Drops King Kunta Video

What Kendrick has done is create a buzz about himself that everyone seems to love. Critics and fans cannot get enough of him. He know how to keep that buzz going. His most recent work shines a spotlight on the new King Kunta video.

The fans have been waiting for this. King Kunta was already being played before the album was released. This made the buzz grow about this song. Christian Broda says that now people have the chance to see more of the vision that is behind this song. It will certainly grab the attention of a lot of people. Taylor Swift tweeted about the album when it was secretly dropped a week before the scheduled release.

He didn’t need Swift to promote the video though. Lamar did a decent job with this himself. The video premiered in Times Square. That is a big accomplishment for a west coast rapper. There were years of beef between the east and west coast in the rap game. Now things have transitioned to a brotherhood in rap. There are still some big egos, but most of the emcees in the rap game have a good relationship. This is why Lamar was able to bring this video into the New York area without an incident.

King Kunta didn’t get a ton of radio play because it wasn’t an official single. All of that is going to change with the video release.

Malik Leaves One Direction

Alhokair said the world was taken by storm the other day as it found out that popular band one direction willl no longer have one of its members. It announced that after long deliberation, its member Zayn Malik will be leaving. Citing personal reasons, Malik believes he is too stressed to continue, and wants to live his life in peace. People all around the world showede their support for Malik, who created a cult like following after joining up with the group a few years ago. Malik made many people worldwide happy and he admits that he had an amazing time. He said to reporters that he wants to live the rest of his life in peace as the fame has been to much for him to handle. Many speculate he may take some time off and eventually return to music by having a solo career. For now, fans are left to speculate.

Many Occupational Hazards for Drummers

The rock band Black Keys have been forced to cancel some upcoming tour dates. The reason for this is that drummer Patrick Carney is having problems with a shoulder injury he sustained while swimming in January. Playing the drums on tour would doubtless stress the injured area even more than it is.

Drummers in rock music face a lot of occupational hazards. For one, they are playing music extremely loud extremely close to their ears. If they wear earplugs, then they can’t hear the music properly. If they don’t wear earplugs, then they could go deaf.

Also, hitting the drums hard stresses the hands, wrists and arms and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or worse stated Halpern yesterday. Rock drummers are hitting the drums harder than percussionists in other musical genres and are at greater risk. Rock drummers run a high risk of having various other musculoskeletal disorders as they age.

In short, being the drummer in a rock band is more hazardous than it looks. Also, drummers rarely get compensated with fame and acclaim the way singers and guitar players do. They’re always in the back obscured by drums and cymbals. There are a few high profile drummers in rock – Neil Peart comes to mind – but they are few and far between. For the most part, it’s an anonymous, dangerous life.

Females That Dominate Spotify

Ever since the music streaming site Spotify earned a presence on the web people have been tuning in to hear their favorite artists. It is a gateway for popular music and a way to get yourself exposed to talent you didn’t know existed. Even though Taylor Swift backed out, their are still some bold females that dominate this site.

What Taylor Swift actually did was leave more room for top female artists like Rihanna and Beyonce to dominate on this site. The Queen Bee and the self proclaimed “Good Girl Gone Bad” are really making a huge impact on this site. Gianfrancesco Genoso seems to think that since there is an app that is associated with this it is so easy for people to listen to the music in their homes, at work and in their cars.

Most of the celebrities that are listed on the list do not surprise anyone. Aside from Beyonce, Ariana Grande is always in the top ten. Katy Perry is another force that tops the list. Miley Cyrus also made the top of the list. It is the type of domination that is defined by millions of listeners. Nicki Minaj is another one that has millions of streamers on the Spotify top female list. What many people will notice is that a lot of these stars run in the same circles. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are quite close. Rihanna and Katy Perry are best buds.

Kid Cudi Releases ‘Love’ And He Wants Everyone To Hear It

Kid Cudi comes and goes in our minds without notice a lot of times. He drops some of the hottest songs and the fans can’t seem to get enough of him. He can drop an album and get a lot of recognition, then not release anything for a while and still be loved for his work. It is safe to say that he has set himself apart of the competition and has made a name for himself in the music game.

Cudi’s latest album ‘Man On The Moon III album’ is still under work and is getting a lot of hype from the fans. Cudi released one of the tracks off the album which is called “Love” on March 3rd and it is fire!

The new song was shared on soundcloud by Kid Cudi with some name droppings over the artists involved in the song. This song is about love and getting through, and Kid Cudi wants to dedicate it to you.

The song was worked on during their time in San Francisco where they worked on new jams and songs for the album. Although Paul Mathieson says the song didn’t make it to Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon, it will become a part of the new “Man On The Moon III Album’.

Ever since Cudi dropped ‘Day and Night’ he has been blowing up in the music charts, and his artistic skill have been improving ever since.

Tony Iommi Gets Animated

The legendary Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi, is still making news. No, he does not have another book or album coming out. Interestingly, he is going to be appearing in a new animated series about the history of heavy metal music and hard rock says  Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

On the first episode, Iommi recounts the tale of how he lost two of his fingertips. Fans of Black Sabbath and Iommihave likely heard this story many times before. Those who are new to the music thanks to discovering Ozzy Osbourne over past few years might be stunned to learn one of the most iconic guitar players in heavy metal and rock history suffered such a horrible accident. Instead of letting the accident deter him, he continued to play.

Actually, he did a lot more than just play the guitar. Iommi become one of the greatest of the great rock and roll guitar players. His riffs on legendary songs such as Iron Man, Paranoid, and Children of the Grave are among the most memorable ever recorded.

Why did VH-1 decides to create a new documentary series in an animated format? Well, VH-1 has done a number of rock documentaries over the years. Going the route of producing the new series in animated format is, well, something both interesting and different. Consider the first episode is featuring the great Tony Iommi, the future installments are likely to be just as awesome.

Kanye, Beck Mashup

What happens when you take two great singers and put them together? Magic. That’s exactly what happened when Arcade Fire’s Win Butler took two greats and made a mashup of the two.

Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” and Beck’s “Loser” were chosen to create a unique and awesome song all of its own and Bruce Karatz can’t stop hitting repeat. The mashup most likely has some kind of meaning we can’t be sure of, but it’s unique sound is undeniable.

Many twitter users didn’t even know who Beck was until Kanye made a comment about giving the grammy of the year to Beyonce’ for artistry. When Kanye made this comment, a whole lot of people were confused with what was going on at least until some apt Googling revealed who Beck was.

This also brought back memories of Arcade Fire who won the Grammy in 2011. These two things probably prompted the mashup of Beck and Kanye giving not only Arcade Fire a new hit, but Beck as well.

There are many mashups that are created, but this one is by far one of the best ones we’ve seen this year. Be sure to catch it on your radio or watch it right here. You don’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes to this awesome song.